Revenue Projection Method

When you create revenue, you can fill in the revenue projected amount within the “Revenue Projection” section. This value will be displayed within the application regardless of the revenue status and can be used to compare the projected amount with the actual amount.

You can configure how the revenue projected amount will be filled in:

  • Manual: the projected amount will be typed. The currency can be changed to any of the enabled currencies
  • Based on completed tasks: The projected revenue amount will be based on the tasks completed per period. Users will be presented with a pop-up to select which tasks to include.
    Each task will add its value, which is calculated multiplying the estimated hours by the bill rate of the categories involved



 There are three locations where you can set your preferences for revenue projected amount, from a higher level to the project itself:

For the whole company, in Configuration Configuration

  1.  Project Parameters → Methods.
  2. By project type, in Configuration → Project Parameters → Project Type.
  3. By project, in the General section of the project. This option will only be available if the option “Allow project settings to override this configuration” was ticked at the company level

At any of those levels, you will be able to set your preference for the way revenue projected amount is filled in