How to use ITM Platform Teambot for Slack

This article includes a list with the commands you can use on ITM Platform Teambot for Slack.

If you haven’t activated ITM Platform Teambot, the following article will walk you through the process.

Note our no exact name policy: In commands where you need to specify the name of a task or a project, there is no need to type the entire name. We will show you the corresponding tasks or projects we found and by clicking the corresponding button you can confirm your choice.

If you need more help, please drop us a note through /itmplatform feedback


List tasks and projects

Get a list of all the project or tasks you are assigned to:

/itmplatform list [projects| tasks] of [project name] on [date]

/itmplatform list [projects| tasks] of [project name] between [start date] and [end date]

  • Example: /itmplatform list
  • Example: /itmplatform list projects
  • Example: /itmplatform list tasks

You can use date filters using “on” for exact dates or “between” to define a date range

  • Example: /itmplatform list tasks on 23-09-2016
  • Example: /itmplatform list projects between 01-09-2016 and 01-11-2016

Use the word “of” to limit the task list to a particular project only, specifying the project name after the word “of”

  • Example: /itmplatform list tasks of Software Development Project

Note: many of the commands below can easily be executed through the buttons we provide when retrieving a list of projects or tasks. 

Report hours on a task

/itmplatform reporthours [task] of [project] [date] [hh:mm]

If you leave the date empty, hours will be reported for today.

  • Example: /itmplatform reporthours testing of development project 23-07-2016 05:00

Track a project or a task’s progress

/itmplatform progress [task | project] of [project] percentage

The command allows you to check a task or a project. You can specify the task’s name, the project’s name, or you can use the word “of” to refer to a project in particular.

Leave a comment on a project or task

/itmplatform comment on [task | project] of [project]: your comment

The command allows you to leave a comment on either a task or a project. You can either specify just the task name or just the project name or alternatively use the word “of” to refer to a task of a particular project.

  • Example: /itmplatform comment on development project this is going well
  • Example: /itmplatform comment on testing of development project this is going well

Show a list of the available commands and its syntax

/itmplatform help

Of course, you can always send us direct feedback to We will respond in no time.