Licenses and Roles


 Licensing Model

When you acquire an ITM Platform solution you obtain a series of licenses which grant you access to the different functionalities during your contracted time period.

ITM Platform offers 4 different types of licenses, plus a free “no-login” type.

  • Licenses are set with specific features and cannot be changed by client.
  • The following are the license types provided by ITM Platform:
        • Full Access: User can access all features.
        • Project Manager: User can access all features of a project including portfolio-view narrowed down to projects and can create custom reports.
        • Team Member: User can access tasks they are assigned to, timesheets and collaboration panel.
        • Project Guest: User can access the ¨General¨ tab of their respective project, collaboration panel and documents they have explicitly been assigned to.
        • No-login: User cannot access the system, but can be referred to as a resource, including estimated and accepted hours.


Users will have access to features of ITM Platform that are set according to their roles (see image below). Each license has one role by default. Configuring roles and creating custom roles can only be done by an ITM Platform Administrator.

Role Configuration

ITM Platform has a flexible mechanism for the configuration of permissions based on user roles. The licenses determine access to different functionalities and the roles are based on the licenses to configure a series of specific user permissions.To configure a role, first you must go to the ORGANIZATION tab. Next, click on “Role Definition” and add a new role.

You can assign and remove permissions for each role. There are no limits to the number of roles that can be created. A user may have more than one role assigned, in which case the permissions for each role are combined. See Create users to learn how to assign roles.

Common User Scenarios

  • A user needs to access only to dashboards. This will require a custom role to be created which can only be done with a Full Access license. Unselect all other features and leave access only to the dashboard feature.
  • A Project Managers is not allowed to access the “Budget” section of their projects. This will require a custom role to be created which can be done with a Full Access or Project Manager license. Proceed to remove access to the budget feature from the custom role.
  • External users are allowed to access some parts of the project with no access to the timesheet. This will require a custom role to be created which can be done with a Team Member License. Proceed to remove access to the timesheet feature from the custom role.
  • A procurement manager within the company needs access to the purchases feature but not to projects. This will require a custom role to be created which can be done with a Full Access license while leaving the purchases and providers features active and removing access to all other features.
  • Users created in Jira have to be synchronized with ITM Platform. They will need no-login licenses to synchronize tasks and time reports.