What Is the Purpose of Project Approval if a Workflow Exists?

Project approval is a simpler and more general mechanism than the approval of each project stage, which is what the workflow manages

Project approval helps to determine if a project has the consent to commence, and, generally, it is a field that one fills out only before the project starts.

ITM Platform provides a set of predefined approval statuses, customizable for each organization.


These fields appear on various ITM Platform screens, such as the portfolio or project prioritization in the strategic alignment section.

Additionally, or as a complement, you can use the state workflow, which offers a complete model of authorizations and rules for state project approvals.

Should I Use Workflow, or Are Approvals Enough?

Generally, it depends on the level of control required over the project steps. If your organization requires strict investment supervision involving different people subject to various rules (for example, if the budget exceeds a certain amount), activating the workflow is a good idea.

If you are still at that level of management maturity or manage control differently, you can use the approval field, which the project managers themselves can fill out.