The calculated progress

The calculated progress is an indicator of the progress of a project, that is based on the progress of its tasks.

This value can be used by the project manager as a reference to set the % completed of the project or, alternatively, it can be directly set as the project’s progress by creating an automatic progress report.

The calculated progress is determined by the progress of its tasks, weighting the duration of each of them. In the formula, the following values are used:

  • % completed of the tasks
  • Duration of the tasks
  • Duration of the project

The formula to calculate the calculated progress in a project with “n” tasks is:

Calculated progress = % t1 * d1/D + % t2 * d1/D + % t2 * d1/D + … + % tn + dn/D

  • Being %tx : the completed percentage of the « x » task
  • dx: the duration in days of the “x” task
  • D: the duration in days of the project

Let’s see an example that clarifies the formula. In the following 20-day project, there are three tasks:

  • Task 1, whose duration is 9 days with a 35% of completion
  • Task 2, whose duration is 7 days with a 22% of completion
  • Task 3, whose duration is 4 days with a 0% of completion

Therefore, the numbers will be:

Progress calculated = 35%*9 days/20 days + 22%*7 days/20 days + 0%*4 days/20 days= 23%