Creation and management of reports

Creation and management of reports

ITM Platform allows you to create customized reports that will be very useful when tracking and controlling the data that is required in real time. All ITM Platform reports are exportable to Excel. In addition, you will be able to create reports and charts with the ITM Platform data in Excel through an integration of both systems using Power Query, as you can see in this article.

Three types of reports can be generated: Three types of reports can be generated:

Lists reports

Lists reports can be created from several ITM Platform sections depending on which information you want to analyze. In a large number of sections of ITM Platform you can define and view a list of elements that can be exported to Excel.

For example, in the project area we can generate a table where we can see the most important parameters and characteristics of each project. These lists can be customized (selecting the fields we want to see), filtered (selecting only a group of projects), or configured to have a specific number of rows in the report, and finally exported to Excel (to work with the information in a spreadsheet).


Customized reports

Customized reports are the most recommended in terms of flexibility and ability to analyze any ITM Platform data.

These reports can be managed from the Reports area of the Management menu of your ITM Platform environment. You can create your own reports by clicking Add new report.

Afterwards, the main element of the report must be selected, which will determine the information shown in the report. The main options are:

  • Projects
  • Services
  • Tasks
  • Purchases
  • Incomes
  • Hours report

Once you have selected the main element of your reports, click on the “Create new report” button.

On the next screen, you can create your report and preview it.

In order to create your report, select:

  • The fields you wish to include in the report: in order to do this, you have to drag the right column fields to the left.
  • The filters that you want to apply in the report, so that you can only see some specific elements.
  • The groups that you want to be applied: in order to do this, you have to drag the fields that the report includes to the first line where you can read the text “Drag the title of a column and drop it here to group it”.
  •  The order of the items shown can be modified for each report field.

Note:  Keep in mind that while you are creating the report, you cannot see all the data of it: It is only a preview. So even if you do not preview any data, the final report will present the final data.

Once configured, you can save the report in two different modes:

  • Private: it will be visible only to the creator of the report
  • Public: It will be visible to all users who can access the reporting area.

Later you can check your saved report as many times as you wish and the updated information will always be displayed in real time. The created reports can be edited by its creator or copied by any user who has access to it.


Predefined reports

Predefined reports were present in previous ITM Platform versions. The functionalities of these reports can be covered by the other types of reports. If you have any questions on how to do it, please contact

Follow-up tasks, projects & portfolio

Follow-up tasks, projects & portfolio

Monitoring of a task

ITM Platform can be used to monitor projects and tasks, making sure to achieve objectives and execute activities planned.

While a task is ongoing, you can perform monitoring to indicate the percentage progress on the task and record events jeopardizing task completion (changes in functionality, etc.)

You can perform monitoring of the task manually or otherwise update task progress from the Scheduleand create automatic project monitoring.

Go to My Tasks from MY DESKTOP or select the project 1 where the task is located on the menu MANAGEMENT. Click on the section Follow-up 2 of the task and add the new monitoring data.

Complete the data, including the percentage completed to indicate progress on the task and the monitoring creation date.


Monitoring on a project

ITM Platform can also be used to monitor projects and tasks with similar goals.

while a project is being executed, you can perform monitoring to evaluate its status with two objectives:

  • Report on the project evolution and progress
  • Record major events and maintain a full historical project development record

Go to My Projects from MY DESKTOP or select a project 1 on the menu MANAGEMENT. Click on the section Follow-up 2 and add a new process.

Complete the required data marked with an asterisk for the new monitoring process, including the percentage of the project that has been completed.

You can perform project monitoring processes from this section Schedule and automatically create monitoring processes when the task completion percentage is updated. See Monitoring of a task.


Monitoring in the portfolio

Portfolio monitoring presents an overview of the progress of components and significant events – in other words, the projects and tasks included in the portfolio.

In this section you will see two separate areas.

  • Under the first, Component Follow-ups show the monitoring of portfolio elements.
  • Secondly, Special Follow-up events show tasks and aspects marked as being of particular interest, illustrating their degree of progress in the portfolio.

Which tools are available on the software to alert the project manager on the expiration of a task?

Which tools are available on the software to alert the project manager on the expiration of a task?

The Project Manager will be able to assign the tasks they wish to receive notifications for and each project manager can decide how many days before the expiration of the task they would like to receive a notified by clicking here .

How to export project’s follow-ups?

How to export project’s follow-ups?

To export a project, click the Projects category and then go to Follow Up and click the Add Project Follow-Up tab:


If you want to export all of your task follow-ups, you can look under Reporting:


Next, you can add filters to select data from specific tasks:


Once this is done, save your work and it will be available the next time you need it. Your information can also easily be exported to Excel.

How can you know the % that should be the follow-up date to determine progress or delays in the schedule?

How can you know the % that should be the follow-up date to determine progress or delays in the schedule?

In order to check the execution of the project in terms of schedule and budget I recommend using the earned value management in the document  here .

Additionally, you can compare the progress of tasks (internal yellow shading of each task) with the current date (vertical dashed line) so that you can graphically check which tasks are delayed.

The same happens for the portfolio of projects.